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Project Title Funding Agency Project Investigator Amount Start Date
Biophysical And Biochemical Studies Of The Mitohondrial Outer Membrane Proteins Vdac-2 And Om14
DBT Dr. R. Mahalakshmi 37,68,000 09-06-2010
Chiral Dairylselenium (Iv) And 2-Organyl-1,2-Benzisoselenazol-3(2h)-One (Iv) Dibromides: Asymmetric Brominating Reagents
DST Dr. Sangit Kumar 18,40,000 12-05-2010
Investigation Of Polymorphism In Molecular Crytals
DST Dr. Deepak Chopra 19,81,200 03-05-2010
Biochemistry Characterization Of Mammalian Type B Hat - Histone Acetytransferase 1 (Hat1)
DBT Dr. Raghuvir Singh Tomar 16,48,000 11-01-2010
Structural and Biophysical Studies of Transmembrane Proteins using Solid State NMR.
DBT Dr. R Mahalakshmi 70,00,000 01-01-2010
Computer Simulation study on the interaction of alpha-synuclein with membranes and oxidative stress
DBT Dr. Rajesh K. Murarka/ Dr. Moutusi Manna 3782100 01-01-1970
IIT Delhi Project Closed
SERB Dr. Kushal K. Shah 0 01-01-1970
Potential of dual fequency polarimetry SAR images to understand the effect of drainage congestion due to road network on the flood inundation in the Kosi FAn
ISRO Dr. Kumar Gaurav 17,68,000 01-01-1970