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Open Invitation for Academic-Industry Partnerships

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal was established in 2008 by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD). IISER Bhopal is an autonomous institution awarding Master’s and Doctoral degree in the different disciplines of basic sciences. The campus of IISER Bhopal at an outlay of about 200 acres is a state of the art educational and research campus. At present, the institute has a total of five major departments namely, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. A total of 71 well-qualified faculty members are present in these departments having proficient research experience with a strong motivation to impart science and education to young inquisitive minds. The primary mandate of IISER Bhopal is to provide to the country a new breed of young competitive researchers armed with the necessary scientific knowledge to tackle problems in the research and development (R & D) sectors.

Well equipped research laboratories for individual faculty members provide each of them the opportunity and flexibility to work on their areas of interest. The main research findings arising from these projects are regularly published in internationally reputed and peer reviewed journals. The infrastructure available at IISER Bhopal constantly motivates faculty towards cutting edge research in their respective disciplines. In the present day scenario, the rigid segregation of the different science disciplines that existed earlier is getting increasingly blurred. Therefore, at IISER Bhopal, the conventional compartmentalized approach of research is being increasingly replaced by an interdisciplinary approach where the faculty members benefit by entering into collaborative projects with colleagues from other disciplines for comprehensive studies.

To encourage the filing of IPRs and patenting the in-house developed products/technologies for necessary commercialization, the institute has an Intellectual Property Rights and Incubation Cell (IPRIC) under R&D wing of the institute. IPRIC helps the faculty members in patent filing process and provide assistance to the faculty members to understand the commercial importance of their work and how it can be converted into a technology which can potentially be transferred to companies or converted into a commercial product. In addition, IPRIC also aims to provide space in the institute for Incubators to help the faculty members and graduating students to start their own spin-offs and start-ups independently or in collaboration with an investor company.

With this background, under the Skill India Programme, IISER Bhopal invites industries to team up with IISER Bhopal faculty members on cutting-edge research projects in any of the five disciplines of basic sciences. Several researchers from IISER Bhopal are already working on projects of commercial importance where the tie-up with industries may help to find real-world applications for the discoveries made in the academic research laboratories. Therefore, the aim is to bridge the gap between academia and industry to enable the research done in academia for its translation into commercially useful technologies or products. The faculty members from IISER Bhopal and representatives from the industry may contact Dr. Vineet Kumar Sharma, Coordinator (IPRIC) at for further information.