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S Samanta
S K Ray
S Deolka
S Saha
Pradeep K R
Rohit Bhowal
N Ghosh
D Chaudhuri
Safeguarding long-lived excitons from excimer traps in H-aggregated dye-assemblies
Chemical Science 2020
S Dinda
S Roy
S C Patra
Subhrajyoti Bhandary
K Pramanik
S Ganguly
Polyaromatic hydrocarbon derivatized azo-oximes of cobalt (iii) for the ligand-redox controlled electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction
New Journal of Chemistry 2020
GK Dinesh
M. Pramod
S Chakma
Investigation in photocatalysis process for degradation of pharmaceutical drugs using amphoteric Cu0-nanoparticles synthesized through sonochemical route using hibiscus rosa-sinensis extract
Journal of Hazardous Materials 2020
Yadukrishnan Premachandran
Rahul Puthan Valappil
Nevedha Ravindran
Katharina Bursch
Henrik Johansson
Sourav Datta
CONSTITUTIVELY PHOTOMORPHOGENIC1 promotes ABA-mediated inhibition of post germination seedling establishment
Plant Journal 2020
Aanchal Mittal
Sangeeta Garg
Anshuman Prem
Ardhendu Sekhar Giri
Synthesis of polyvinyl alcohol/modified starch-based biodegradable nanocomposite films reinforced with starch nanocrystals for packaging applications
Polymers and Polymer Composites 2020
Surya Pratap Seniya
Vikas Jain
Construction of E. coli—Mycobacterium shuttle vectors with a variety of expression systems and polypeptide tags for gene expression in mycobacteria
PLoS One 2020
Varun Rakeshbhai Bavda
Vikas Jain
Deciphering the Role of Holin in Mycobacteriophage D29 Physiology
Frontiers in Microbiology 2020
Gokul Nair
Vikas Jain
Separation of Mycobacterium smegmatis from a mixed culture using the cell wall binding domain of D29 mycobacteriophage endolysin
Frontiers in Microbiology 2020
Pravin Kumar
Manmohan Kapur
Ru(II)- and Cu(II)-mediated Synthesis of Trisubstituted Pyrroles from Isoxazoles and Acrylate esters.
Asian J. Org. Chem 2020
S Dey
A Kumar
Pradip Mondal
K M Modi
Deepak Chopra
V Jain
Oxacalix[4]arene Derived Dual Sensing Fluorescence Probe for the Detection of As (V) and Cr (VI) Oxyanions in Aqueous Media
Dalton Transactions 2020
Aashutosh Tripathi
Megha Jain
Et al
Sunando Datta
EhC2B, a C2 domain-containing protein, promotes erythrophagocytosis in Entamoeba histolytica via actin nucleation
PLOS Pathogen 2020
Sarvesh Bandhu
Abhinaba Lahiri
Anup Pramanik
A characterization of status quo rules in the binary social choice model
Economics Letters 2020
Parul Mittal
Rituja Saxena
Atul Gupta
Shruti Mahajan
Vineet K Sharma
The gene catalogue and comparative analysis of gut microbiome of big cats provide new insights on Panthera species
Frontiers in Microbiology 2020
Vineet K Sharma
Gopal Srivastava
Aditya Malve

Molib: A machine learning based classification tool for the prediction of biofilm inhibitory molecules
Genomics 2020
S R Adusumalli
D G Rawale
K Thakur
L Purushottam
N C Reddy
N Kalra
S Shukla
V Rai
Chemoselective and Site‐Selective Lysine‐Directed Lysine Modification Enables Single‐Site Labeling of Native Proteins
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2020
Deepak Pant
Sathiya P Narayanan
Nagarjun Vijay
Sanjeev Shukla
Hypoxia-induced changes in intragenic DNA methylation correlate with alternative splicing in breast cancer
Journal of Biosciences 2020
Nirav L Lekinwala
Ankur Bharadwaj
Ramya Sunder Raman
Mani Bhushan
Kunal Bali
Sagnik Dey
A framework for setting up a country-wide network of regional surface PM2.5 sampling sites utilising a satellite-derived proxy – The COALESCE project, India
Atmospheric Environment 2020
Himanshu kumar
Therapeutic approaches for genetic and infectious diseases
International Reviews of Immunology 2020
Himanshu Kumar
Balancing immune tolerance and immune responses
International Reviews of Immunology 2020
Irene Saha
Hemant Jaiswal
Richa Mishra
Hendrick J Nel
Jaring Scheuder
Monika Kaushik
Kuldeep Singh Chauhan
Bhupendra Singh Rawat
Renjeny THomas
Shalin Naik
Himanshu Kumar
Prafullakumar Tailor
RelB suppresses type I Interferon signaling in dendritic cells
Cellular Immunology 2020