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Lakshmana K Kinthada
Raghavendra Sai Medisetty
Amarchand Parida
Naresh Babu K
Alakesh Bisai
FeCl3-Catalyzed Allylation Reactions onto 3-Hydroxy-2-oxindoles: Formal Total Syntheses of Bis-cyclotryptamine Alkaloids, Chimonanthine, and Folicanthine
J. Org. Chem. 2017
Kashyap Rajeevsarathy
Prahlad Vaidyanathan
Roots of Dehn twists about multicurves
Glasgow Mathematical Journal 2017
Vikas Sarma
Dhananjaya Sahoo
Falguni Chandra
Apurba Lal Koner
Highly Fluorescent Peri-functionalized Perylenemonoimide Derivatives with Tunable Optical Properties for Selective Sensing of Electron-rich Aromatic Amines
ChemistrySelect 2017
Manoj Kumar Tripathi
Premlata A R
Kirti Chandra Sahu
Rama Govindarajan
Two initially spherical bubbles rising in quiescent liquid
Physical Review FLuids 2017
Abhijit Maji
Richa Misra
Darshan Dhakan
Vineet K Sharma
Rup Lal
Yogendra Singh
Gut microbiome contributes to impairment of immunity in pulmonary tuberculosis patients by alteration of butyrate and propionate producers
Environmental Microbiology 2017
Ashok K. Sharma
Gopal Srivastava
ToxiM: A Toxicity Prediction Tool for Small Molecules Developed Using Machine Learning and Chemoinformatics Approaches
Frontiers in Pharmacology 2017
S Chaturvedi
N Mukunda
Global aspects of polarization optics and coset space geometry
Physics Letters A 2017
S Chaturvedi
N Mukunda
A classical approach to the `non-local Pancharatnam like' phases in Hanbury-Brown-Twiss correlationso
Physics Letters A 2017
Rajib Saha
Vipin Sudevan
Sarvesh Kumar
Tarun Souradeep
Pavan Kumar Aluri
Improved Diffuse Foreground Subtraction with the ILC Method: CMB Map and Angular Power Spectrum Using Planck and WMAP Observations
Astrophysical Journal +Astrophysical Supplement 2017
Arunkumar M.
Amit Paul

Importance of Electrode Preparation Methodologies in Supercapacitor Applications
ACS Omega 2017
Sanjeev Kumar Jha
Sivakumar Bellie
Complex networks for rainfall modeling: Spatial connections, temporal scale, and network size
Journal of Hydrology 2017
K Santhosh Kumar
Sarmistha Das
Gulloo Lal Prajapati
Sharon S Philip
D S Rana
Low energy excitations and Drude-Smith carrier dynamics in Sm0.5Sr0.5MnO3
K Santhosh Kumar
Sarmistha Das
Vallabhaneni Eswara Phanindra
D S Rana
Unusual terahertz spectral weight and conductivity dynamics of the insulator-metal transition in Pr0.5Nd0.5NiO3 thin films
Jl. Of Physics D- Applied Physics 2017
Markus Engelhardt
Paul Leclercq
Trude Eidhammer
Pankaj Kumar
Oskar Landgren
Roy Rasmussen
Meltwater runoff in a changing climate (1951–2099) at Chhota Shigri Glacier, Western Himalaya, Northern India
Annals of Glaciology 2017
Sajal Khatua
Arun Kumar Bar
Javeed Ahmad Sheikh
Abraham Clearfield
Sanjit Konar
Achieving Amphibious Superprotonic Conductivity in a CuI-MOF via Strategic Pyrazinium Salt Impregnation
Chemistry - A European Journal 2017
Amit Kumar Mondal Sanjit Konar
Quantitative EstimationofIsing-Type Magnetic AnisotropyinaFamily of C3-Symmetric CoIIComplexes
Chemistry - A European Journal 2017
Deepti Chaturvedi
Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi
Transmembrane β-barrels: Evolution, folding and energetics.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta (Biomembranes) 2017
Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi
Svetlana Maurya
Bhavna Burdak
Parini Surti
Manoj Patel
Vikas Jain
Structural plasticity of T4 transcription co-activator gp33 revealed by a protease-resistant unfolded state
Biophysical and Biochemical Research Communication 2017
Kuntal Roy
Estimating the spin diffusion length and the spin Hall angle from spin pumping induced inverse spin Hall voltages
Physical Review B 2017
Pragyan Pallavi
Bahadur Sk
Palak Ahir
Abhijit Patra
Tuning the Förster Resonance Energy Transfer through Self-assembly Approach for Efficient White-light Emission in Aqueous Medium
Chemistry - A European Journal 2017