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Authors Title of Article Journal Year
Paresh Chandra Rout
Varadharajan Srinivasan
Giant Ferrimagnetism and Polarization in Mixed Metal Perovskite Metal-organic Frameworks
Physical Review Materials 2018
Maheshwerreddy Chilamari
Neetu Kalra
Sanjeev Shukla
Vishal Rai
Single-site labeling of lysine in proteins through a metal-free multicomponent approach
Chemical Communications 2018
Sujoy Bandyopadhya
Chanderpratap Singh
Priyajit Jash
MD. Waseem Hussain
Amit Paul
Abhijit Patra
Redox-active, pyrene-based pristine porous organic polymers for efficient energy storage with exceptional cyclic stability
Chemical Communications 2018
Ritam Mallick
Dynamical Phase transition in neutron stars
Astrophysical Journal +Astrophysical Supplement 2018
R. Bhushan
S. Bikkina
J. Chatterjee
Satinder Pal Singh
V. Goswami
L.C. Thomas
A.K. Sudheer
Evidence for enhanced chlorophyll-a levels in the Bay of Bengal during early north-east monsoon
Journal of Oceanography and Marine Science 2018
Ashwini Kumar
W. Abouchami
S.J.G. Galer
Satinder Pal Singh
K.W. Fomba
J.M. Prospero
M.O. Andraea
Seasonal radiogenic isotopic variability of the African dust outflow to the tropical Atlantic Ocean and across to the Caribbean
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2018
Rahul Nisal
Gregor P. Jose
Chitra Shanbhag
Jeet Kalia
Rapid and reversible hydrazone bioconjugation in cells without the use of extraneous catalysts.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2018
Muralikrishna Lella
Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi
Direct Structural Annotation of Membrane Protein Aggregation Loci using Peptide–Based Reverse–Mapping
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2018
Deepti Chaturvedi
Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi
Folding determinants of transmembrane β-barrels using engineered OMP chimeras
Biochemistry 2018
Amol Gade
Pradip Bagle
Popat Shinde
Vipin Bhardwaj
Subhrashis Banerjee
Ajit Chande
Nitin Patil
Catalytic Enantioselective 1, 3‐Alkyl Shift in Alkyl Aryl Ethers: Efficient Synthesis of Optically Active 3, 3′‐Diaryloxindoles
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2018
Subhrajyoti Bhandary
Deepak Chopra
Abhishek Sirohiwal
Rahul Kadu
Sangit Kumar
Dispersion Stabilized Se/Te•••π Double Chalcogen Bonding Synthonsin insitu Cryocrystallized Divalent Organochalcogen Liquids.
Crystal Growth & Design 2018
Rahul Shukla
Deepak Chopra
Similarities and differences in the crystal packing of halogen substituted Indole derivatives.
Acta Crystallographica B 2018
Ramees Peedika Paramban
Ziya Afroz
Pradip Kumar Mondal
Jagabandhu Sahoo
Deepak Chopra
Structural insights into salts and a salt polymorph of nitrogen containing small organic molecules
Journal of Molecular Structure 2018
Rahul Shukla
Deepak Chopra
Characterization of the short O=C•••O=C π-hole tetrel bond in the solid state.
CrystEngComm 2018
Riki Das
Manmohan Kapur
Transition Metal-Catalyzed C-H Functionalization Reactions of pi-Deficient Heterocycles (Review)
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018
Arpit Sharma
Non-Bisimulation Based Behavioral Relations for Markov Automata
Arpit Sharma
Trace Relations and Logical Preservation for Markov Automata
G M Pang
Z Y Nie
A Wang
D Singh
W Xie
W B Jiang
Y Chen
R P Singh
M Smidman
H Q Yuan
Fully gapped superconductivity in single crystals of noncentrosymmetric Re 6 Zr with broken time-reversal symmetry
Physical Review B 2018
Rupali Rakshit
Santhosh Kumar Kadakuntla
Piyush Agarwal
Suman Sardar
Priyanka Saha
Kalyan Mandal
D S Rana
Surface Electronic States Induced High Terahertz Conductivity of Co3O4 Micro–Hollow Structure
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018
GK Dinesh
R Chauhan
S Chakma
Influence and strategies for enhanced biohydrogen production from food waste
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2018