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Jai Shankar Singh
Vaibhav Kumar Shukla
Mansi Gujrati
Ram Kumar Mishra
Ashutosh Kumar
Backbone and side-chain resonance assignments of Plasmodium falciparum SUMO
Biomolecular NMR assignments 2017
Shrivats Semwal
Joyanta Choudhury
Switch in Catalyst State: Single Bifunctional Bi-State Catalyst for Two Different Reactions
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2017
Svetlana Maurya
Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi
Mitochondrial VDAC2 and cell homeostasis: highlighting hidden structural features and unique functionalities.
Biological Reviews 2017
S Bhadra
Pritam Nasipuri

Tectonothermal evolution of a garnet-bearing quartzofeldspathic gneiss from the Moyar shear zone, south India and its bearing on the Neoarchean accretionary tectonics
Lithos 2017
Pipas Saha
Sumit Kumar Ray
Vinod Kumar Singh
Copper-Catalyzed Pummerer Type Reaction of α -Thio Aryl/Heteroarylacetates: Synthesis of Aryl/Heteroaryl α -Keto Esters
Tetrahedron Letters 2017
Suman Mallick
Anil S Arathi
Apurba Lal Koner
Customized Tuning of Aggregation-Induced Emission of a Napthalimide Dye by Surfactants and Cyclodextrin
J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2017
Neha Dobriyal
Prerna Tripathi
Susrita Sarkar
Yogesh Tak
Amit K Verma
Chandan Sahi
Partial dispensability of Djp1's J domain in peroxisomal protein import in Saccharomyces cerevisiae results from genetic redundancy with another class II J protein, Caj1
Cell Stress and Chaperones 2017
Pradip Kumar Mondal
Varun Rao
Sudhir Mittapalli
Deepak Chopra
Exploring Solid State Diversity and Solution Characteristics in a Fluorine-Containing Drug Riluzole
Crystal Growth & Design 2017
R S Malani
S Patil
K Roy
S Chakma
A Goyal
V S Moholkar
Mechanistic analysis of ultrasound-assisted biodiesel synthesis with Cu2O Catalyst and mixed oil feedstock using continuous (packed bed) and batch (slurry) reactors
Chemical Engineering Science 2017
Sandeep Kumar Pathak
Modern Library and Information Services in an Academic Library System and Role of the Librarian: A Case Study
Sixth International Library and Information Professionals Summit (i-LIPS 2017) on Dynamics of Library for Excellence in Electronic Revolution during April 6-8, 2017 organised by IISER Mohali 2017
Sandeep Kumar Pathak
Implementation of RFID Technology in Academic Libraries: A case study
LIFE - 2017 (National Conference on Library innovations for Excellence) organised by IISER Pune during Feb 16-17, 2017 at IISER Pune 2017
Suraj Kumar Gupta
Joyanta Choudhury
A Mixed NHC/2,2'-Bipyridine-Supported Robust Ruthenium(II) Oxidation Precatalyst for Benzylic C-H Oxidation
ChemCatChem 2017
Arun Suneja
Rajshekhar Unhale
Vinod Kumar Singh
Enantioselective Hydrophosphonylation of in Situ Generated N-Acyl Ketimines Catalyzed by BINOL-Derived Phosphoric Acid
Organic Letters 2017
Nirmal Kumar Rana
Harshit Joshi
Rupesh K. Jha
Vinod Kumar Singh
Enantioselective Tandem Oxidation/Michael–Aldol Approaches to Tetrasubstituted Cyclohexanes
Chemistry - A European Journal 2017
Rajshekhar A. Unhale
Nagaraju Molletti
Nirmal K. Rana
Sivasankaran Dhanasekaran
Subhrajyoti Bhandary
Vinod Kumar Singh
Chiral phosphoric acid catalyzed enantioselective addition of thiols to in situ generated ketimines: Synthesis of N,S-ketals
Tetrahedron Letters 2017
Sathiya Pandi Narayanan
Smriti Singh
Sanjeev Shukla
A saga of cancer epigenetics: linking epigenetics to alternative splicing
Biochemical J 2017
T Durga Rao
S Marik
D Singh
R P Singh
Observation of exchange bias effect in La2NiIrO6
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2017
Mohammad Rehan
Rajender Nallagonda
Braja Gopal Das
Tannu Meena
Prasanta Ghorai
Synthesis of Functionalized Benzo[b]furans via Oxidative Cyclization of o-Cinnamyl Phenols
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017
Gurupada Hazra
Sanjay Maity
Sudipto Bhowmick
Prasanta Ghorai
Organocatalytic, enantioselective synthesis of benzoxaboroles via Wittig/oxa-Michael reaction Cascade of α-formyl boronic acids
Chemical Science 2017
A Mandal
B K Patel
Rahul Shukla
Deepak Chopra
Impact of the complementary electronic nature of C–X and M–X halogens and intramolecular X⋯O interaction on supramolecular assemblies of Zn(II) complexes of o-halophenyl substituted hydrazides
CrystEngComm 2017