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D Kundu
S Chakma
G Pugazhenthi
T Banerjee
Reactive insights into the hydrogen production from ammonia borane facilitated by phosphonium based ionic liquid
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 2019
D Kundu
S Chakma
S Saikrishnan
G Pugazhenthi
T Banerjee
Molecular modeling and experimental insights for the dehydrogenation of ethylene diamine bisborane using hydrogen sulfate based ionic liquid
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2019
Sankar Jeyaraman
Ruchika Mishra
Ramprasad Regar
Rahul Singhal
G D Sharma
A NIR Absorbing Ortho--extended Perylene Bisimide as Promising Material for Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cell
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C 2019
Pushpendra Kumar Sahu
Raghuvir Singh Tomar
The natural anticancer agent cantharidin alters GPI-anchored protein sorting by targeting Cdc1-mediated remodeling in endoplasmic reticulum
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2019
Vaibhav Karekar
Bhoge Bapurao
Saraogi Ishu
An expeditious synthetic route to proteomimetic foldamers
New Journal of Chemistry 2019
M. Manickam
Karam Deo Shankhadhar
An Eichler-Zagier map for Jacobi cusp forms on HXC^(g,1)
Journal of Number Theory 2019
Jaban Meher
Sudhir Pujahari
Karam Deo Shankhadhar
Zeros of L-functions attached to cusp forms of half integral weight
Proc. Of the Am. Math. Soc. 2019
Suman Mallick
Prashant Kumar
Apurba Lal Koner
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2019
Darshan Dhakan
Abhijit Maji
Ashok Sharma
Rituja Saxena
Joy Scaria
Andres Gomez
Tony Grace
Joby Pulikkan
Vineet K Sharma
The unique composition of Indian gut microbiome, gene catalogue and associated faecal metabolome deciphered using multi-omics approaches
GigaScience 2019
Rahul Shukla
C Ruzie
G Schweicher
A R Kennedy
Y H Geerts
Deepak Chopra
B Chattopadhay
Insight from Electron Density and Energy Framework Analysis on the structural features of Fx-TCNQ (x = 0, 2, 4) family of molecules
Acta Crystallographica B 2019
Subhrajyoti Bhandary
Gulshan Rani
SRN Kiran Mangalampalli
GB Dharma Rao
Upadrasta Ramamurthy
Deepak Chopra
Guest solvent-dependence of the nanomechanical response in substituted dihydropyrimindinone crystals
Chemistry -Asian Journal 2019
Subhrajyoti Bhandary
Shivani Gonde
Deepak Chopra
Dissecting the Conformational and Interaction Topological Landscape of N-ethynylphenylbenzamide by the Device of Polymorphic Diversity
Crystal Growth & Design 2019
D Singh
Sajilesh K P
S Marik
A D Hillier
R P Singh
Superconducting and normal state properties of noncentrosymmetric superconductor NbOs 2 investigated by muon spin relaxation and rotation
Physical Review B 2019
Abhinaba Lahiri
Ton Storcken
Strategy-proof location of public bads in an interval
Social Choice and Welfare 2019
Vineet K Sharma
Kundan Kumar
Gaurao Dhoke
Ashok K Sharma
Shubham Jaiswal
Mechanistic elucidation of amphetamine metabolism by tyramine oxidase from human gut microbiota using molecular dynamics simulations
Arindam Bhattacharya
Kushal Shah
Anindya Chatterjee
Unifying averaged dynamics of the Fokker-Planck equation for Paul traps
Physics of Plasmas 2019
Pralhad N Joshi
Vishal Rai
Single-site labeling of histidine in proteins, on-demand reversibility, and traceless metal-free protein purification
Chemical Communications 2019
Virendra Kumar Tiwari
Manmohan Kapur
Catalyst-controlled positional-selectivity in C-H Functionalizations (review)
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2019
Rohit Bhowal
Suprakash Biswas
Athulbabu Thumbarathil
Apurba Lal Koner
Deepak Chopra
Exploring the Relationship between Intermolecular Interactions and Solid-state Photophysical Properties of Organic Co-crystals
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2019
Ameer Muhammad
Grey Evenson
Tricia Stadnyk
Alaba Boluwade
Sanjeev Kumar Jha
Paulin Coulibaly
Impact of model structure on the accuracy of hydrological modeling of a Canadian Prairie watershed
Journal of Hydrology - Regional Studies 2019