Memorandum of Understanding

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Name of Institute Objective MOU Type From To
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore To foster collaboration with IISc Bangalore in research and teaching, in the area of Nanoscience and engineering
National 11-01-2017 31/10/2020
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Academic exchange of undergraduate and post-graduate students.
International 16-06-2016 15.06.2021
Institute of Genetic Medicine, Hokkaido University, Japan. Facilitation of the two Institutes to have an opportunity to develop International Cooperation in fostering young investigators, exchange of faculty members and research fellows; exchange of Students; exchange of information on research program and organization of joint symposia and development of joint research projects.
International 29-03-2016 28.03.2021
Chonnam National University, Korea For mutual cooperation areas in exchange of scientific information; exchange of researchers and students; joint seminars and workshop etc.
International 11-11-2015 07.11.2018
Invictus Oncology Pvt. Ltd. Collaborative project on drug discovery - "Next generation lead molecules as anticancer therapeutics in the clinic"
National 01-10-2015 30.09.2018
SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY (SKKU), KOREA Establishment and enhancement of friendly relations and to promote mutual understanding between the two universities; to foster educational exchange and academic cooperation through Faculty and Student Exchange Programs; to promote international science and technology cooperation.
International 07-08-2015 06.08.2018
ICAR - National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal (NIHSAD) To promote research, exchange of information and technology between the two parties, in areas of mutual concern related to Life Sciences and other related areas.
National 01-08-2015 31.07.2025
The MAX-PLANCK-GESELLSCHAFT (MPG), GERMANY To enhance, widen and intensify cooperation between the Partners in Scientific activities and to stimulate joint scientific research cooperation in areas of mutual interest and benefit.
International 21-07-2015 20.07.2020
ExoCan Healthcare Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune Research collaboration project in the field of oncology for mutual benefit.
National 01-06-2015 30.05.2020
Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, Germany Joint collaboration on Faculty Exchange, Student Exchange and Research projects.
International 20-05-2015 19.05.2019
Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore The formation of a collaboration on the placement of final year BS-MS dual degree students for an internship.
National 12-05-2015 11.05.2016
WPI Immunology Frontier Research Centre, Osaka University, Japan To promote the activities for enhancement of educational and academic collaborative research in the field of mutual interest, lectures, symposia, exchange of information and materials and exchange of students.
International 03-02-2015 02.02.2020
L. N. Medical College and Research Centre, Bhopal To identify research opportunities to conduct cooprative research and experimental programmes for the mutual benefits in the areas of Global health, Personalized Medicine and Patient centered learning, infectious disease, Immunology, Oncology including Cancer metastasis, cancer epidemiology, chemoprevention, carcinogenesis, tumor immunology, palliative care, chemotherapy and radiation oncology.
National 15-01-2015 14.01.2020
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Joint collaboration in exchange of students for study and research, exchange of staff for research, teaching and discussions, exchange of information and joint research activities.
International 08-01-2015 07.01.2020
Navodaya Cancer Hospital, Bhopal To identify research opportunities, to conduct cooprative research and experimental programmes for the mutual benefits in the areas of public health, metagenomics, Cancer epidemiology, chemoprevention, carcinogenesis, tumor immunology, palliative care, chemotherapy and radiation oncology.
National 10-10-2014 27.10.2019
University of Tromso-The Arctic University of Norway (UIT) Joint collaboration of Faculty Exchange, Student Exchange, Research projects & organizing symposia.
International 01-10-2014 31.08.2019
Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland To develop and implement the joint educational programmes and joint research efforts in Renewable and sustainable energy system development, conversation of energy and environment, environmental change and sustainable development, water management,water treatment and air pollution science & engineering.
International 16-09-2014 15.09.2019
University of Turku, Finland To encourage cooperation and exchanges between both Universities in all academic fields and activities as well as among their related faculties and schools.
International 15-09-2014 14.09.2019
Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), New Delhi To establish Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for Training and Research in Frontier areas of Science and Technology that combine a unique blend of basic sciences and engineering sciences allowing the integration of fundamental knowledge while developing proficiency in research.
National 07-08-2014 06.08.2018
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (TIFR) To establish combined entrance test for Ph.D. and where applicable, M.Sc. in life science and interdisciplinary streams.
National 01-08-2014 31.07.2015